Do I Need Pest Control In The Winter? Protect Your Home

It can seem like pests have actually gone south for the winter months however, the reality is, those pests don’t go anywhere. The reason we don’t see a lot of pests in the winter months pertains to how winter affects cold-blooded animals. Have you ever before seen a reptile sunning itself on a rock? Reptiles are cold-blooded.

Their body temperature level varies with their setting. If it’s warm, reptiles are warm. If it’s cold. Yup. You presumed it. Lizards are cool. When it is warm, reptiles accelerate. When it is cool, lizards slow down. But, when it gets chilly, they may push a good hot rock to bring their temperature back up.

The 5 Greatest Tips For Winter Pest Control – Personal Care Pest Control

Resources are restricted in the Winter so bugs try everything they can to save them. The mix of winter and also reduced sources is a one-two punch that keeps insects mainly immobile in Chicago winters months. That is, obviously, thinking they do not discover a wonderful cozy location with food sources, like your kitchen area.

When they do, the pests that are outside your house are going to begin discovering your exterior wall surfaces. The bugs that are inside your home will certainly begin appearing in typical areas as they look for a method to venture out. Neither of these benefits you, your household, your pet dogs, or your house.


Winter season insect control belongs to a continuous pest plan that regulates parasites that are energetic in your house all winter and also regulates bugs that will certainly start being energetic in the springtime. Pests don’t fly southern for the winter season. Efficient bug control have to be continuous and always active. winter pest control. If you live in our Chicagoland service area, allow Personal Touch Pest Control to secure your residence all year long with our Premium Care pest plan.

How Necessary is Pest Control In The Winter?

Not known to many people, winter season is in fact a major pest period. Just since you don’t have flies and also mosquitos buzzing around your head, does not imply your home is pest-free. We may have simply had the winter season solstice (the quickest day of the year), nevertheless, the damages parasites can do in winter is not over yet.

When the temperature begins to go down outdoors, particularly overnight in the Midwest, the pests and also rats get worried. They seek sanctuary from the severe temperature levels – rodents in winter. Where do they go? Well your residence becomes their prime winter season haven. Your residence is cozy and contains food, simply excellent for insects.

Overwintering parasites may be spotted throughout winter in your home by venturing right into the higher traffic space. Nonetheless, those pests in a hibernation state are probably to remain concealed.


A remarkable rise in insects in your house during springtime indicates they were most likely hiding out during the winter season. If you discover an influx in pests, you need to call a qualified pest controller. If the situation is not dealt with, it only will worsen.This even more harms your house and puts your household’s wellness at danger.

As they say, it is much simpler to protect against a problem as opposed to fix a problem. The very same is true with insect control. Despite the amount of pests you have, Personal Touch Pest Control can eliminate them. However, damage to your house might have currently taken place (which is undoubtedly not preferable).

Mice and also rats discover a nice cosy hiding location in your house. Rats frequently make their nests in wall cavities, ceiling cavities, and also any type of various other cozy, completely dry places they can find. Occasionally their nests are noticeable, and occasionally you never find the nest however you see them race along the floor during the night.

While rodents are well-known for entering the food in your cupboard (which is gross and a full hassle), they can actually trigger a lot more serious damage than that. As you might already know, rats’ teeth remain to grow throughout their life. This means that they chew on things to keep their teeth reduced.

Rats aren’t particular when it comes to eating. They will gnaw away at anything consisting of timber, cladding, or electrical wiring. Now it comes to be especially unsafe when electric wiring is eaten through since that can create a house fire. Home fires are extra common in winter months than in summer season, so keep that in mind as you consider protecting your home.


Make sure your home is protected from rodents and pests in the Winter by contacting Personal Touch Pest Control today! It’s not too late!

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